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About The Event

The 2023 edition of the Future Steel Forum will take place in Vienna 20-21 September!

The Future Steel Forum was launched to address the growing interest in digital manufacturing within the global steel industry, particularly the technologies associated with industry 4.0 such as Big Data, the Industrial Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Over the past five years, the event has attracted speakers from major steelmakers including ArcelorMittal, Tata Steel, Voestalpine, POSCO, Emirates Steel, US Steel, Big River Steel, Liberty Steel Group, TMK, Kobe Steel, Metinvest Digital, Badische Stahl-Engineering, Buderus Stahl and many others.

Future Steel Forum speakers tend to be involved in the development and/or use of systems that rely upon these technologies, and the event itself endeavours to attract a mixed audience of steelmakers and technologists. In a nutshell, the Forum is an event for forward-thinking steelmakers who embrace new high-tech production technologies that embody the essence of so-called "smart manufacturing".

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