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REDEX: an European group, with a global presence
Structured to manufacture in its own plants the high precision key components integrated in its large range of machines and sub-assemblies, REDEX’s specialty is to design, manufacture, assemble and commission machines or machinery components for high precision processing industries.

With more than 160 years of combined expertise in Strip Processing Equipment, precision Wire Rolling Mills and Machine-tool Drives, REDEX Group carries dozens of active patents. 
The company is recognized for the introduction of several key concepts that have set the trend for advanced equipment in the strip processing industry.
The Company relies on three specialized technical offices, focused on better accuracy, higher productivity, continuous cost optimization and eco-design.
Bringing Tomorrow's Technologies to Today's Market
From beverage cans to aeronautics and defense, from transport to cladding for skyscrapers, from precision watch making to electronics, wherever high precision is required for the most demanding industries REDEX is a renowned leader for engineering and manufacturing in advanced equipment solutions.
Based on an in-depth understanding of all types of metals, from low carbon steel strip to the most advanced alloys, REDEX offers a wide portfolio of equipment and subassemblies dedicated to world class OEMs and production plants aiming for the highest added value.
REDEX is recognized as a key partner for major precision wire and strip producers, advanced metallurgical laboratories, and re-rolling companies all over the world.

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Phone: +33 2 38 94 42 00
Email: info@redex-group.com
Website: http://www.strip-processing.com/

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