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Wolfgang Oberaigner

Head of Through-Process Quality Control at Primetals Technologies

Wolfgang Oberaigner is heading the Through-Process Quality Control (TPQC) team at Primetals Technologies and is responsible for product development, project execution and sales for TPQC systems. Starting as a software developer for caster level 2 systems he continued to work as a project and commissioning engineer and later as a project manager for level 2 projects. In 2004 he took over the caster level 2 team for which he has been responsible for more than a decade. 

Through-Process Optimization (TPO) is an integrated know-how based solution to improve efficiency and quality across all plants by implementing the Through-Process Quality Control (TPQC) software solution. The system is optimizing performance by applying know-how based rules for quality decisions, monitoring performance by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and stabilizing production applying advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC). The centralized long term storage of high resolution process data across the entire production route allows intelligent data analytics for product optimization and development of new steel grades within short time.

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