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Patrick Henz

Head of Governance & Compliance at Primetals Technologies

Patrick Henz started his career in the Corporate Information Office and Compliance at the end of 2007, when he was responsible for the implementation of the Siemens Anti-Corruption program in Mexico and several Central American & Caribbean countries. Together with these tasks, he gained valuable insights into global Compliance programs, with a focus on Latin America. Since 2009 in his role as Compliance Officer he is responsible for an effective Compliance program; based on identification, protection, detection, response & recovery; combined with integrity, respect, passion & sustainability. With these means, he defines Governance & Compliance as pro-active function establishing an equilibrium between law, processes and behavior science; Artificial Intelligence included.

Since July 2013, Patrick Henz was Compliance Officer at Siemens Industry Inc., responsible for Customer Services and Metal Technologies. Starting January 2015, he is Regional Compliance Officer Americas at Primetals Technologies, since October 2017 in addition also Head of Governance US, based in the Atlanta area.

Patrick Henz is steering member at the IEEE committees “Digital Reality” and “P7008 - Standard for Ethically Driven Nudging for Robotic, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems.” Furthermore he is author of the book “Tomorrow’s Business Ethics: Philip K. Dick vs. W. Edwards Deming”.


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