Michael Eder

Global Chief Digital Officer

voestalpine, HPM Division

Michael Eder is global chief digital officer of HPM (High Performance Metals) and the managing director of voestalphine High Performance Metals Digital Solutions GmbH.

He started his career as an automation engineer in the iron and steel industry, being responsible for implementing technological control systems for rolling mills at a world leading plant building company.

Before his transition to voestalpine, he worked for a leading management consultancy, performing operational improvement as well as strategy engagements.

He holds an engineering degree in telecommunication engineering, as well as a master’s degree in business science from Johannes Kepler University. He also earned his PhD degree from Leopold-Franzens University with his research on ‘The impact of family influence on company volatility and performance: the case of German public companies’.

Michael Eder will be speaking at the following sessions.

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