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Marco Ometto

Managing Director at Danieli Automation


Scientific High School Diploma obtained in 1982

Various ITC specialization courses.

Work Experience:

1986 Employed as SW programmer by a leading machine tool manufacturer within the scope of its automated factory development program;

After filling various roles in the SW programming and Electrical Systems area, he quit in 1994 as Head of the Technical Office reporting directly to the Technical Director;

1994: Employed by DANIELI Automation Spa (a subsidiary company of the DANIELI Group) as Project Leader for the development of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) in the Metal area;

Manager of the MES product development department, with 13 engineers in total involved in the analysis, development and commissioning of MET systems;

1998: Manager of the Process Control Systems Development Department within the scope of the whole production chain of DANIELI (from rough to finished products);

2001 Manager of the Automation Systems Design and Development Department for Electric Meltshops and CCMs for Long and Flat Steel Products (including Auxiliary Plants), with 55 engineers in total divided into the various specialist areas;

2003: Appointed Executive Manager with the task of studying the expansion of the company abroad (Achieved results: 2005 DAI Danieli Automation India – 2007 Danieli Automation Thailand – 2008 Danieli Automation Vietnam);

2007: Appointed Vice-President of DANIELI Automation Italy;

2008: Following the division of DANIELI Automation into Business Units, he was entrusted with the responsibility for the primary and secondary area, including the continuous casting process, ferrous materials recycling and DRI production through the DRP process. Full responsibility on business, including sales, management, design and execution, as well as commissioning of electric, automation and process systems for steel-making plants supplied by DANIELI and its competitors;

2012: Appointed Member of the Board of Directors of DANIELI Automation Company Ltd;

2013 Sole Manager in charge of Research for DANIELI Automation (R&D, Creation of DARC (Danieli Automation Research Center) – appointed Executive Vice President BU Steelmaking;

2016 Manager in charge of the digitization process of DANIELI Automation and appointed EVP BU Digi&Met, appointed Member of the Board of Directors of DANIELI Automation.


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