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Jan Petko

General Manager, Process Technology Excellence at US Steel Kosice


Jan Petko has metallurgical education,  finished  technical university in 1989, started carrier in steel industry at 1996 in US Steel as a shift manager. 

2005 director of power engineering

2008 director of coke plant

2010 General manager of reliability

2015 General manager of process excellence

He is leading six sigma group in US Steel Košice s.r.o. with focus to process excellence implementation.

Jan has 20 years of experience in management, continues improvement, operation and reliability.

Abstract - Industry 4.0 - How the Internet of Things can improve steel plant safety

USSK expressed interest in an IoT and Analytics based Proactive Employee Safety concept and its application in the specific U. S. Steel environment.

USSK defined a set of new capabilities that will lead to improved safety:

1.Real time workers location tracking;

2.Real time facility occupancy monitoring;

3. Safety tracking & real-time incident detection;

4.Personal guard; 

5. Safety insights


1. Real time workers location tracking

USSK can track and determine the actual location of workers. USSK requires sector accuracy of localization - i.e. 4 sectors on each platform.

2. Real time facility occupancy monitoring

USSK supervisor (control room) can see the sector/floor occupancy in a real time.

3. Safety tracking & real-time incident detection

USSK supervisor (control room) can see the actual Employee Risk and gets alert in case of incident:

a) Emergency – solution detects when a worker pushes the panic button.

b) Slip & abnormal activity – solution detects fall, free Fall, and slip.

c) Excessive temperature exposure – solution alerts when a user is getting

close to get a heat stress

d) Gas exposure – solution detects levels of CO gas in the proximity of

worker and expedites emergency response.

e) PPE is on.

4.Personal guard & Safety insights

USSK has insight on almost accidents and hazard areas where the incidents occur. USSK understands trends and frequency of incidents. USSK continuously improves safety guidelines and regulations via learning.


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