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Franck Adjogble

Chief Engineer and Business Development Manager at SMS Group


Franck Adjogble is currently on track to complete a doctorate degree in Technology and Innovation management at Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. Specifically, his field of interest is in Technology forecasting, on which his research work, “Towards a dynamic technology intelligence system”, is based. At the University of Siegen in Germany, Franck Adjogble has studied computer science and completed a Master of Science degree. He has worked in the Department of Applied Informatics at the University of Siegen as Assistant to the research director, where he participated actively in the project MODICAS (Efficient Integration of a 3D Digitizing System and a Surgical Robot). Additionally Franck Adjogble earned a Certificate of Technology Management at Fraunhofer institute in cooperation with the University of Hagen. He has worked as lecturer for IT and Cyber Security for Engineer at the TÜV Academy GmbH, a private education and research Institute in Germany. 

Franck Adjogble joined SMS group in 2001, as Manager of the Process Models in the Automation department. Later on, he was assigned to lead various teams of commissioning engineers that serve SMS group global customers. In both positions, Franck Adjogble supported the technological advancement and development of SMS group automation systems for succeeding projects. 

After 15 years of working in the SMS group offices in Düsseldorf and Beijing, Franck Adjogble was assigned at SMS group USA office in Pittsburgh as the "Chief Engineer and Business Development Manager" for developing a Process Models and Digitalization group within the USA office, where he is leading a group of engineers developing the Learning Steel mill in cooperation within the SMS group.


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