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Farrokh Mistree

L.A. Comp Chair & Professor at School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering University of Oklahoma

Farrokh Mistree holds the L. A. Comp Chair in the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, USA. Professor Janet K. Allen and Farrokh co-direct the Systems Realization Laboratory at OU. Their research focus is on defining the emerging frontier for the “intelligent” decision-based realisation of complex (cyber-physical-social) systems when the computational models are incomplete and inaccurate.

Farrokh has co-authored two textbooks, two monographs and more than 400 technical papers dealing with the design of materials, mechanical, thermal and structural systems; ships and aircraft; engineered supply networks. Farrokh is a Fellow of ASME and an Associate Fellow of AIAA.


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