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Dr Ing. Valentina Colla

Co-Ordinator of the ICT Centre at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna-TeCip Institute


With a Masters Degree in Engineering and a PhD in Robotics, now Technical Research Manager at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa.

Responsible for the Center of ICT for Complex Industrial Systems and Processes (ICT-COISP) of the TeCIP Institute of SSSA, a multi-disciplinary center that is deeply involved in research activities and cooperation with process and manufacturing industries.

With more than 20 years of experience of research in the Steel sector, she has been involved in 50 projects funded by the EU and Steel companies.

A member of the European Steel Technology Platform (ESTEP) and representative of SSSA within SPIRE.

Co-author of around 280 papers published in International Journals and Conferences.

Her expertise concerns simulation, modelling, control and optimization technologies for industrial applications as well as data pre-processing, data analytics and mining through traditional and Artificial Intelligence-based techniques. Applies her expertise also within projects aimed at improving the energy efficiency and the environmental impact of industrial processes.

Abstract - Artificial Intelligence - translating theory into reality

Conventional wisdom seems to suggest that Industry 4.0, by promoting full exploitation of advanced approaches such as Artificial Intelligence in the monitoring, control and management of complex industrial processes, corresponds to what can be labelled as the 'brave new world'; possibly even the answer to many of the industrial problems of the twenty-first century. But in today's business world it remains difficult to extract value from these cutting-edge technologies in a cost efficient and effective manner.

The main goal of our presentation is to provide an accessible and comprehensive overview of the huge potential associated with the application of AI, examining how this science of the future can be put to work in today's business context. During the presentation, the experts will provide up-to-date technical insights of the usage of these new technologies and, more specifically, offer a snapshot of how AI (by exploiting tools such as, for instance, Artificial Neural Networks and Evolutionary Algorithms) is currently being exploited in the steel industry.

To illustrate the point, the presentation will include a practical example of how these ground-breaking technologies can be, and are being, applied in the real world. From reducing costs to lowering environmental footprints; from diagnosing faults before they even occur to optimising raw material usage; from enhancing safety at work to driving efficiencies in production processes and improving the results of marketing initiatives, our presentation will add focus to how steel companies can best utilise these remarkable and increasingly ubiquitous technologies.


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