Real Time Carbon Footprint Tracking Through Enhanced MES to Drive Green Steel Production

Wednesday 19th June 16:15 - 16:45


As part of their own decarbonization process, steel customers are increasingly asking for detailed CO2 footprints of individual products and pieces they buy. For this, correspondingly transparent CO2 tracking and reporting during steel production is necessary and will become the norm. In many industries, reporting CO2 emissions is still high level and often based on yearly production tonnage and related average CO2 equivalents for different processes and plant areas. This paper will highlight a Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) approach implemented as part of the quality management within a steel manufacturing execution system based on process snapshots from all production steps. It introduces hierarchically defined CO2 equivalent emission factors on levels of production area, production line and production step. Thus, all relevant CO2 equivalent emissionscan be calculated and tracked in real time on piece and product level along the entire chain of steel production steps. The results are stored on the related nodes of the material genealogy. Furthermore, PCF tracking and forecasting provide essential input foroptimized production planning, scheduling, and execution with a weighted trade-off between economic and ecological KPIs.Finally, products with labels from certified PCF tracking methodologies allow establishing green lead markets, fostering anincrease in demands for green steel with improved accountability, transparency and trust from investors, government and final customers.


Dipl. Betriebswirt Marc Schwarzer


PSI Metals

Marc Schwarzer, graduated as with an MBA in business administration with a focus on informatics and logistics at the Julius-Maximilians University of Würzburg.

During his time at university, he worked for two tears on a part-time basis at Frankonia Jagd (part of Otto AG), and ran his own IT company for web solutions and custom-built consumer computers.

In 2007, he joined PSI Metals as a junior consultant in the field of production management solutions for the metals industry. Over the years, he progressed to roles such as senior consultant, project manager and technical sales. His expertise in metals processes, supply chain planning, solution design and project management is highly sought after.

After more than 15 years of experience in the fields of production management solutions encompassing supply chain management and planning, product design, quality management, production execution, logistics and untegration with external systems, he has become a recognized expert in these areas.


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