Intelligent Steel Production through Digital Transformation

Wednesday 19th June 14:00 - 14:30


JFE Steel is promoting digital transformation to stabilize production, improve productivity, and decarbonize. The company is aiming to realize future intelligent steel mills by developing digital transformation. The utilization of cyber-physical systems and robotics has become an element technology of digital transformation. In this presentation, three applications are explained:

  • Estimation system of molten steel and slag composition and molten steel temperature of converter
  • Combustion optimization technology of coke oven
  • Autonomous mobile robot for cleaning top of coke oven 

All applications are developed in-house by research engineers at JFE Steel.


Takahiro Koshihara

General manager

JFE Steel

Takahiro Koshihara worked at JFE Steel's Steel Research Laboratory from 1997 to 2024, where he mainly worked on the research and development of temperature measurement and surface inspection equipment using cameras and magnetism in steel mills. Currently, he is involved in the development of data science technology in the cyber physical systems research and development department.

He graduated from the University of Tokyo and holds a MSc in engineering.


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