Fifty Shades of Green Steel – Cyclosteel’s green steel production solution

Wednesday 19th June 12:15 - 12:45


For at least 10 years, there have been very significant R&D driven developments across Europe to decarbonize and make technologies greener. Nevertheless, it is very sad to see that many of the producers now define themselves as green steel producers only because they use electric furnaces. This process is harmful, unfortunately making the green steel designation a marketing label instead of a specific added value. This can happen because there is still no clear definition of green steel; I will go further, there is no clear boundary as to who, on what technological background, can call their steel product green steel.

Cyclosteel is focusing on the following areas when planning green steel production:

  • Local scrap as raw material
  • Fully electric operation with additional use of locally produced green hydrogen
  • Compact layout - each equipment is located as close to each other as possible
  • Extended (heat) energy recovery system
  • 100% renewable electricity use
  • Production for the local and regional market (within a radius of 500 km)


Tibor Szoke



Tibor Szoke graduated as a metallurgical engineer in 1996 and has an absolutory PhD on the economics of metallurgical regions.

He has been head of engineering at CEMI consulting company for 15 years. He is currently chief technology officer of Cyclosteel and is focused on the total green transformation of technology.


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