Electrification of Heating – A Path Towards the Decarbonization of Steelmaking

Tuesday 18th June 12:15 - 12:45


Today, decarbonization is on top of every steel company’s agenda. At the same time, energy efficient heating will be crucial in meeting the challenges of a growing global population and combatting climate change, often setting demands on higher operating temperatures and/or reduced cooling. While current heating technology is predominantly gas-fired, electric heating of industrial processes offers unique opportunities to reduce the use of fossil fuels while increasing thermal efficiencies, improving the work environment, and enabling delivery of a fossil-free product.

This presentation will address challenges along the entire chain of iron- and steelmaking, from the DRI-process to downstream heating processes. It will show how electric heating solutions can potentially replace gas-heated technologies for various process steps in steelmaking.

Examples of heating solutions as well as case stories for the different processing steps within steel production will be shown. Application cases of electrification potential within iron- and steelmaking will include process gas heating, pre-heating and drying of ladles, electric re-heating of billets, continuous annealing processes and roller hearth furnaces. The specific examples will be discussed together with an outlook around the main challenges and opportunities related to electric heating solutions for the steel industry from a global perspective.


Dilip Chandrasekaran

Senior Vice President, Director of Business Development


With more than 25 years of experience in various R&D-roles, 10 years as head of R&D, and in total 20 years with heating technology company Kanthal, Dilip Chandrasekaran is one of the world’s most knowledgeable experts in the field of resistance materials and industrial heating solutions.

He is passionate about materials science, innovation, and customer driven product development – especially around Kanthal’s solutions towards electrification of industries.


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