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Visavi Technology is a spin-off from world-leading research on collaboration, visualization and new work processes at IFE (Institute for Energy Technology) and the Norwegian Technical and Science University (NTNU) Centre for Integrated Operations in the topics of Integrated Operations, Cognitive Systems / Man-Machine.

Our software solution LIVE was developed in close collaboration with industry. The first installation was the large Gjøa Platform in the Norwegian North Sea in 2014. The first non-Oil and Gas user was Borregaard ASA who use LIVE at their world leading bio-ethanol plant. Any facility with multi-variable maintenance operations benefits from LIVE.

LIVE bridges the gap between planning solutions and passive dashboards and expands on the opportunities contained within this data through algorithms, visualization, and interactive integration.

Industry challenges and improvement potential in the following key areas are addressed, contributing to substantial savings and efficiency gains.

  • Large and complex plans are difficult to present effectively
  • Completion of planned maintenance tasks
  • Ad-hoc changes in maintenance task scheduling
  • Communication with the front-line execution teams: engagement, feedback, knowledge
  • Planning software solutions not readily accessible for front-line execution teams
  • Holistic overview of maintenance tasks on the facility
  • Making the right decisions and prioritizations
  • Seeing the whole picture

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