Tvarit GmbH is a Frankfurt-based Industrial AI company with a vision of sustainable and zero-waste manufacturing.

With a proven track record of leading ROI-driven end-to-end AI & Industry 4.0 transformations, Tvarit has achieved a 50% reduction in scrap and an 8% reduction in energy consumption for metal manufacturers.

Maintaining a sharp focus on reducing scrap and energy consumption, Tvarit is reshaping the landscape of the Steel industry through innovation. At the heart of Tvarit's success lies its ground-breaking "Hybrid AI" technology that seamlessly merges the intricacies of the steel domain with the cutting-edge prowess of Deep Learning.

Tvarit stands out with its streamlined approach to Data Science and Machine Learning, achieving implementation in both fast and cost-effective manner, and while maintaining 100% accuracy in select cases. Tvarit offers a unique combination of reliable technology, customized solutions, and customer-focused consulting, ensuring both rapidity and top-notch service.

Tvarit is backed by top-tier German VC firms and customer across nine countries actively using our solutions. Tvarit specializes in Shopfloor Digitalization, Industry 4.0, AI, Analytics, Scrap Reduction, Energy Waste Reduction.

Contact Details

Address - Ludwigstraße 31

60327 Frankfurt am Main

Phone: (+49) 160 3359435


Website – Homepage - TVARIT

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