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OM Partners

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OM Partners

OM Partners is a software and consulting company delivering Supply Chain Planning Solutions for Mill Products (metals, paper and packaging, floor covering...) and Semi Process industries (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, consumer products...).

With more than 250 customers and 650 implementations, OM Partners has established solid partnerships with customers all over the world. With annual group sales revenues over 46,1 million EUR and a workforce of more than 400 people in our offices in Antwerp, Atlanta, Shanghai, Dubai, Sao Paulo, Paris, Rotterdam, Cologne and London, the company has become a top player in the supply chain planning market.
OM Partners’ product OMP Plus is an integrated solution for all planning related issues, from the strategic down to the operational level. It is aimed at reducing logistic costs and throughput times and at increasing reliability of delivery dates and customer satisfaction. The revolutionary technology of OMP Plus makes integrated demand planning, supply planning and scheduling a reality.

Contact Details

Phone: +32 3 650 2211
Email: LBongaerts@ompartners.com
Website: https://ompartners.com/en/solutions/omp-for-metals

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