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InfoSight Corporation

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InfoSight Corporation

InfoSight Corporation designs and supplies identification and tracking equipment to the steel industry.  In addition, InfoSight offers innovative solutions for other, non-tracking, production needs.

Traditional identification technologies include: dot-peen (stamp); stencil (paint); and tags.  Stamping and painting are typically automatic machine applications whereas tagging can be accomplished either manually or automatically.

Advancements in reader technologies now accommodate reliable reading of these traditional marking methods.  1D and 2D barcodes can be applied to hot or cold products and read at various downstream processes such as reheat furnace entry, storage yards and shipping bays.

This technology is applicable to all steel products including slabs, billets, blooms, coils, plates, structural, pipes/tubes, etc.   All these products can be identified (marked) and tracked with automatic reading equipment to significantly reduce if not eliminate mixed product.

InfoSight also offers a variety of other automated equipment and services including: tube/pipe weight and length measurement with API requirement calculations/checks; color-banding; CCM mold powder distribution; material handling equipment; robot integration; engineering and design; as well as new product research and development.

Contact Details

Phone: +1-740-642-3600
Email: sales@infosight.com
Website: http://www.infosight.com/

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