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Company Profile


Steel industry requires a new approach to production’s process: efficiency, operators’ safety and quality to be competitive in a global market. 

At BM GROUP POLYTEC SPA, multi-skilled people work on smart solutions, combining industrial automation, mechatronics and AI, to upgrade and digitize steelmaking processes. We believe in ongoing improvement and innovation: our strength is Research and Technological Development. We strive to be the preferred supplier to customers looking for the best for their factory. We provide:

• Process Automation
• MV/LV Electrical power distribution systems
• Software development for process control and motion control
• Software for HMI
• Production tracking systems
• Plant’s Upgrade and Digitization 
• Scrap yard and Crane management 
• Sampling and Measurement robots
• Robotics for CCM operations
• Robotics for couplings pre-screwing, screwing 
• Marking robots
• Tagging robots
• Customized robotic solutions

Moving towards 4.0, Steel producers improve their plant availability and are able to certificate product’s quality.

sales@bmgroup.com | www.polytecrobotics.com 

Contact Details

Email: sales@bmgroup.com
Website: www.polytecrobotics.com

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