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Conference Programme

View the Future Steel Forum conference programme below.

Please note: the programme is subject to change

Wednesday 6 June 2018 

08:45: Welcome to Future Steel Forum
Matthew Moggridge, Editor, Steel Times International and Programme Director

08:50: Keynote: Future Steel: Industry 4.0 and more
Dr Pinakin Chaubal, General Manager, ArcelorMittal 
Global R&D

Introductory Themes - Chairman Kurt Herzog, Head of Department, Primetals Technology Industrie 4.0

09:20: Steel 4.0: Perceptions, current activities and expectations for Europe
Dr. Marlene Arens, Senior Researcher, Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research

09:50: Industry 4.0 for the Steel Industry - from a research point of view
Dr Roger Andersson, Head of Research, SWEREA MEFOS, Sweden

10:20: How Technology Catalyses Disruptive Change in the Steel Industry
Mick Steeper, Chair, Iron & Steel Society, IoM3

10:50-11:20: Coffee Break and Exhibition Time

11:20: The Digital Dilemma Facing Steel
Dr Andrew Zoryk, Managing Director, Metals Practice, Accenture

11:50: Data is the new currency in the steel industry: Hear how companies are cashing in
Stefan Koch,Global Leads for Metals, SAP SE

12:20: Lunch and Exhibition Time

13:30: Keynote - Business Models - A Steel Industry Perspective
Jayanta Banerjee, CIO, Tata Steel

Business Models - Chairman, Mick Steeper, Chair, Iron & Steel Society, IoM3

14:00: MARVEL 2.0 - Making Analytics Real, Valuable, Efficient and Logical
Rajesh Nair, Chief (Manufacturing) Flat Product, Tata Steel

14:30: Beyond classical methods: Big Data, Machine Learning and Stochastic Simulation for investment decisions in steel operations.
Diego Diaz, Global R&D Senior Specialist, ArcelorMittal

15:00: Industry 4.0 - How the Internet of Things can improve steel plant safety
Jan Petko, General Manager, Process Technology Excellence, US Steel Kosice & Peter Rusko, IBM

15:30: Coffee Break and Exhibition Time

16:00: First Step in Digital Transformation
Kirill Sukovykh, NLMK-SAP Co-Innovation Lab Lead

16:30: Closing Keynote - The role of Industry 4.0 in Liberty House Group's strategical green steel vision
Eric Vitse, Chief Technology Officer, Liberty House Group

17:00: Panel Discussion: Great Expectations 
Chairman Rizwan Janjua, Head of Technology, World Steel Association

Panellists include:
Kristiaan Van Teutem, Vice President, Steel Business Line, Fives Group
Giovanni Bavestrelli, Digital Engineering Director, Tenova SpA
Kurt Herzog, Head of Department, Primetals Technologies
Dr.-Ing. Markus Reifferscheid, Senior Vice President R&D, SMS group GmbH 
Jan Petko, General Manager, Process Technology Excellence, US Steel Kosice
Dr Pinakin Chaubal, General Manager, ArcelorMittal
Eric Vitse, Chief Technology Officer, Liberty House Group
Marco Ometto, Executive Vice President, Danieli Automation

The digital transformation is disruptive in nature. It holds promises of great returns and productivity, however: how does one justify investment in the face
of uncertainties? This cannot be a leap of faith and rather requires clear
understanding of facts, deliverables and limitations. The panel discussion brings
together the two sides (steelmakers & OEMs) in order to debate the expectations
and deliverables.

17:45: Conference closes.

Thursday 7 June 2018

08:45: Keynote: Big River Steel - the world's first 'learning' steel mill
Franck Adjogble, Chief Engineer, Process Control and Production Planning Systems, SMS group

Artificial Intelligence for Steel - Chairman, Raffael Binder, Director, Marketing, PSI Metals

09:15: Artificial Intelligence - translating the theory into reality
Emilio Riva, former member of the Executive Board of Riva Group, CEO & Founder of the Steel Hub, London Valentina Colla PhD, Technical Research Manager, Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

09:45: Towards an holistic AI strategy: Balancing vision with execution
Jane Zavalishina, President & Co-Founder, Mechanica AI

10:15: Using AI modelling for predictive quality and routing
Heiko Wolf, Project Manager FutureLab, PSI

10:45: Coffee Break and Exhibition Time

11:15: Keynote: Open Innovation and Social Product Development
Eur Ing. Professor Dirk Schaefer, University of Liverpool

Business Organisation - Chairman, Dr Luc Bongaerts, Business Development Manager, OM Partners

11:45: Integration of Industry 4.0 to Existing Steel Plant Facilities
Chris Oswin, Research Group Manager, Process Simulation, Materials Processing Institute

12:15: Simulation, Visualisation, and Data Analytics for Smart Steel Manufacturing
Dr. Chenn Q Zhou, Founding Director, Steel Manufacturing, Simulation and Visualisation Consortium, Purdue University Northwest, Indiana

12:45: Through-Process Optimization (TPO), a know-how based IT solution to support best quality steel production and highest productivity at lowest cost

Wolfgang Oberaigner, Head of Through-Process Quality Control, Primetals Technologies

13:15: Lunch and Exhibition Time

14:15: Keynote: Industry 4.0 and the Digital Future
Rizwan Janjua, Head of Technology, World Steel Association

14:45: New Technologies induce novel changes: How to implement Industry 4.0 in real-world applications
Dr. rer. nat. Marcus J. Neuer, VDEh-Betriebsforschungsintitut GmbH

15:15: Latest digital systems for process control, traceability and quality enhancement in steelmaking
Kristiaan Van Teutem, Vice President, Steel Business Line, Fives Group

15:45: Smart Factories require Smart Planning
Dr Luc Bongaerts, Business Development Manager, OM Partners 

16:15: Coffee Break and Exhibition Time

16:45: Cyber Security: What can be learnt from other sectors?
Professor Chris Hankin, Co-Director, Institute of Security Science and Technology, Imperial College London

17:15: Discussion Panel: Engineering Education and Qualifying the Industry 4.0 Workforce.
Chairman - Dr. Nils Naujok, Partner, Consulting Leader Metals Industries Europe, Middle East and Africa,
PwC Strategy&

Panellists include:
Dr Chenn Qian Zhou, Founding Director, Steel Manufacturing, Simulation and Visualisation Consortium, Purdue University Northwest, Indiana
Professor Dirk Schaefer, University of Liverpool
Dr Joe Flynn, Assistant Professor in Manufacturing Engineering, University of Bath
Dr Richard Curry, Director, Operations, Materials Processing Institute
Henk Reimink
Director - Industry Excellence, World Steel Association

18:00: Closing remarks
Matthew Moggridge, Editor, Steel Times International, Programme Director

18:05: Conference closes.


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