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How to Transform the Steel Industry for Efficiency, Sustainability and Future Competitiveness by Bertrand Orsal, Steel Experience Senior Director, Dassault Systemes

The steel industry is changing quickly. The need to make the right investment in facilities and systems is crucial. Dassault Systemes can help steel actors navigate this brave new world. Smart planning solutions that were allowed to gain market share in the past no longer guarantee survival in the future, but there is good news! Many of the influences that are challenging the steel industry are also providing opportunities. Reducing the steel industry’s carbon footprint will require new infrastructure that will drive an unprecedented surge in demand. Many ageing infrastructures need to be replaced. Now is the time to invest in the future and capitalize on the opportunities that lie ahead. For this, the 3DExperience platform and its tools offer key benefits to be eagerly discovered:

• Modeling business excellence using a virtual twin of operations;

• Developing integrated planning and scheduling plans that optimize performance across the entire supply chain;

• Quickly and accurately assessing the ability to deliver an order on time and in full;

• Managing a scalable single source of truth for all data.

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