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Digital Assistants – Companions for a New Way of Operating Metals Plants Towards a Dark Plant. By Alexander Thekale, Technology Concepts and Digital Solutions, Primetals Technologies.

The growing range of digitalization technologies and methods provide new opportunities to continuously increase quality, throughput, and process stability in the metals industry. Apart from established applications like process or quality analysis, there is much more potential for improvement, especially regarding plant operation.

Digital assistants and experts, for example, can significantly support operators in their daily work so they can focus on what really matters and can act appropriately. The more digital assistants, the more the operator becomes the supervisor of his plant.

This also changes the needs of how he operates his plant, and thus, new concepts for control stations are necessary. Following this path and turning more and more digital assistants into active systems, and, therefore, less requirements for manual intervention marks the starting point of the journey towards dark plant.

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