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Building a Sustainable Future for Steelmaking Using Modern Technology by Sambit Beborta, Director Technology, Liberty Steel Europe

How can we build a sustainable green future for steelmaking? We have an opportunity to set in motion a true green industrial revolution, powered by green hydrogen produced by renewable energy. This is the basis for the GREENSTEEL transformation plan underway at LIBERTY Ostrava, a leader of the Czech steel industry.

Investment is critical to revolutionise the way steel is made – but it won’t be cheap. LIBERTY plans to invest billions of Czech Crowns to transform the Ostrava steelworks into a modern manufacturing facility which is economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable.

Technology is going to be an important piece of the puzzle – in particular, the industrialisation of hydrogen production. Using hydrogen to make GREENSTEEL can solve the storage and transport challenges. A truly sustainable green future for steelmaking must secure a just transition for current and future employees.

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