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Automatic Slab Yard for a Greenfield 4.4Mt/yr Hot Strip Mill by Monti Fernando, Automation New Technologies Director, Ternium, and Lorenzo Bacchetti, Senior Manager, Cranes and Automatic Yard, Danieli.

A presentation on the new automatic slab yard at Ternium Pesqueria (Mexico) that from the slabs arrival on train wagons delivers 4.4 Mt/yr of slab to a new hot strip mill. The paper will examine the disruptive innovation applied starting with the design concept of the upstream handling process and passing through the key aspects of manufacturing and commissioning that have shaped a tidy and well organized slab automatic yard.

The result relies on solid technologies installed on the autonomous equipment, from the 10 overhead cranes to the ground transfer cars, co-ordinated and controlled by the L2 warehouse management system.

The presentation will also cover the benefits in terms of CapEx and OpEx to install an automatic warehouse as opposed to a traditional manual warehouse, highlighting the operative advantages given by this solution.

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