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Aiding Human Decision Making and Standardizing Practices Using Artificial Intelligence. By Robert Vandlik, Head of Digital Studio, US Steel Kosice, and Juraj Sabol, General Manager for Strategy, US Steel Kosice.

Thanks to advancing computing power and storage technology, industrial companies are integrating artificial intelligence into their processes. At USSK, we started to experiment with such models in 2017 and our goal is to aid human decision-making and standardize practices through the usage of AI-based models wherever data enables that. We are trying to implement advanced analytics models in all areas of our iron making, steelmaking and rolling production flow. Our steel making is a case in a point with a suite of models developed in house spanning de-sulphurization of hot metal, scrap blending, end-point prediction and usage of alloys in secondary metallurgy.

This presentation will show both technical aspects of such data transformation as well as softer elements such as change management. The results and benefits achieved in areas of quality, environment and cost will be presented.

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